currently // week one


Digging: 1 & 2 Corinthians.

Drinking: lots of water, as usual.

Eating: a handful of walnuts every morning (from the Johnson ranch :)).

Listening: to college lectures, Reality SF podcasts, and some sort of jazz on Pandora, be it Michael Bublé or Frank Sinatra

Wearing: my “house clothes”- well-loved denim crops, high school Mexico trip t-shirt, and a comfy blue-grey zip-up hoodie from Gap.

Reading: the Bible, a Grace Livingston Hill novel, and Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire… oh, and a ton of material for school!

Feeling: faintly pressured by school, and confused by a question I have to write an answer to regarding transcendentalism. 

Weather: a bright, sunshiny day!

Wanting: in-person coffee dates with my dear friends.

Needing: to be more focused during the day. 

Wishing: I could see the Bay Lights in person. Soon, I hope!

Thinking: about how I’m going to get through the next 11 days of school.

Enjoying: evenings. Especially the part where I finally crawl in bed and watch 15 minutes of The Clock before conking out.

Loving: posting on my blog!

Photo: The Pacific Ocean, as seen from the California coast somewhere between Cambria and Avila Beach


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