currently // week two

Digging: Isaiah 49 and Colossians 1:15-23 <3

Drinking: an iced black tea lemonade at Starbucks. I get a tall with light ice and 1 scant pump classic. (And yes, I totally use the word “scant” when ordering.)

Eating: nothing, because I forgot to grab a Clif Bar on the way out of the house. Darn.

Listening: to “Beyond the Sea” on Pandora. I really like this song- it’s cute :)

Wearing: straight dark jeans (I always cuff them), a white shirt, greenish cardi, and a trench coat- ‘cause it’s super cold in Starbucks today, and I’m drinking an iced drink. 

Reading: lots of Scandinavian design blogs in my free time. I’m obsessed!

Feeling: like it should be spring already! I mean, I know today’s the first day technically, but it needs to feel like spring.

Weather: chilly, but deceivingly sunny.

Wanting: to be home for opening day of the farmer’s market. If it sounds kind of lame, I apologize. But it’s true.

Needing: some extra free time. 

Wishing: that I could travel overseas again soon. I just watched a movie set in Ireland, and now I really want to go there! Plus, houses are pretty reasonable on Airbnb!

Thinking: about how lovely this little Starbucks break is in the middle of my week. I should do it more often.

Enjoying: walks down the road after dinner. The Italians call it a passeggiata, which sounds totally legit.

Loving: how many pretty pictures reside on the internet.


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