over coffee // week two

over coffee

I realized that I never properly introduced this series. So let’s pretend this is the first week, shall we?

“Over Coffee” will be a weekly Friday feature. As I did mention before, the questions generally come from the Q & A a Day journal. They go deeper than “What did you do today?”, and I appreciate that! Sometimes they’re random, and other times they ask something specific about the day. My hope for “Over Coffee” is that it would be like a virtual end-of-the-week coffee date with a friend, with lots and lots of commenting! (Someday…)


1 // What new activity have you tried?

I haven’t had time to explore any new activities lately! School has been fairly all-consuming, and whatever free time I have is spent doing something I want to catch up on or something that doesn’t require any new skills.

2 // What was the last book you read?

I can’t remember the last book I finished (much pleasure reading has fallen by the wayside since school started :(), but the last book I picked up to read was for school. It’s called Making Sense of Your World, and it’s for my “Introduction to Worldviews in Religion and Philosophy” course. Interesting stuff!

3 // In three words, describe your spirituality.

I love Jesus.

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