over coffee // week four

over coffee

Happy Friday!!

I am currently at Starbucks with my laptop and my brother, sipping on an iced black tea lemonade. It’s kind of a celebration of sorts, seeing as the weather outside is gorgeous, I’m basically done with school until Tuesday (I took a final this morning), and the Giants are going to beat the Cardinals a little later on today. Oh, and we’re having tacos for dinner. All in all it’s a fairly spectacular Friday.

I have a whole stress-free weekend ahead of me, and tomorrow I plan to spend a lot of time crafting. I need to do something creative with my hands!! On Sunday afternoon, I’m meeting a new friend for coffee and I couldn’t be more excited!!

What plans do you have for the weekend??

Here are this weeks questions…


1 // (Apr 03) Did you have fun today? Because?

Sí! We went to a “party” at church, and I got to meet several new people. It was really great to spend time with new family :)

2 // (Apr 04) If you could wish for one thing to happen today, what would it be?

I would wish that I could have coffee face-to-face with Caitie, instead of a phone call- which was lovely, by the way, but still. Nothing beats face-to-face. Not even FaceTime.

3 // (Apr 05) What was inspiring today?

Blogs! Honestly, my mind gets blown every day by all the amazing things out there that people come up with. Not to mention the beautiful pictures! Sometimes it makes me feel inferior, but other times it inspires me to be more creative. Which is what it did today :)



One thought on “over coffee // week four

  1. I am way behind! Oh my. Hope you don’t mind that I’m just copying answers out of my book(:
    1: Not much.
    2: A new job for me! And my boy too. (; Oh well, in God’s perfect timing. <3
    3: Switchfoot.


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