photoshop tutorial // how to make a slanted photo

tutorial example

Today I thought I’d show you a quick photoshop tutorial- how to put a slanted photo on a white background. I love to do this with photos for my computer’s desktop, because it’s a bit more interesting than just using a plain photo. Once you get the hang of the process, it’s really easy to do.


Step 1 // Open your selected photo in Photoshop. Crop the photo to 8×10, or some other even dimension… you don’t want a measurement like 14.223 inches by 11.653 inches, because that will be hard to work with.

Step 2 // From Preferences, select Guides & Grids. You want 1 gridline per inch. This will allow for a nice slant. Once you get this process down, you’ll be able have fun with different measurements! Step1

Step 3 // Under the View tab, select Grid if it’s not already checked. Step3

Step 4 // Now open a new blank file. I made mine 1440 x 900 pixels so I could use my photo as a desktop. Make the background a solid color. I prefer white.

Step 5 // Go back to your original photo file. Select the polygonal lasso tool. For this photo, I started 2 squares from the right. Click once to initiate the lasso, then drag the line to the bottom right corner and click. Drag to the left and click 2 squares from the bottom left corner. Drag up and click in the top left corner. Drag the line across the top and click to connect with the starting point. Click Command + C on your keyboard.Step5

Step 6 // Go to the blank file. Click Command + V on your keyboard. The photo should appear. Resize it so it fits in the blank space, and center it.Step7

Step 7 // You could stop right here, of course, but I like to do one more thing. I like to fade the photo a bit so the whole image looks a bit softer against the white background. To do this, select the Enhance menu. Click on Adjust Lighting, and then click Levels. Drag the black arrow on the left towards the white arrow on the right as far as you want. Save your new photo!!

Here’s another example of the possibilities of this simple technique:


Have fun!!


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