over coffee // week five

over coffee

I am completely shocked at how fast this week went by! I blinked once and now it’s time for another coffee date! Last night as I was falling asleep, I actually panicked that it was Friday night and I’d forgotten. It only took me a second to realize it was only Thursday :)

School has kept me super busy since Tuesday. I am currently studying for the Analyzing & Interpreting Literature CLEP, and I’ve identified that poetry is my weak spot. Sparknotes will most likely be my best friend for the next 2 weeks! Do you have any favorite poems? Why are they your favorite?

I’m looking forward to a weekend with minimal school, lots of relaxing and creating, possibly a few hours at Starbucks, and hopefully some Costco and Trader Joe’s.


1 // (April 06) What was the last take-out meal you ordered?

I can’t remember! We never really had take-out, except pizza :) But I can’t even remember the last time we got pizza! We make it at home a lot now.

2 // (April 10) What chore did you ignore today?

Haha, I don’t really have chores either! It just was never something we really did. Basically, my mom or dad would ask me to do something, like unload the dishwasher, and I’d do it. But I did make my bed, which I guess could be considered a chore?

3 // (April 12) What is a new fact you recently learned?

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite! If I knew that before, I forgot!

Happy weekend!!


One thought on “over coffee // week five

  1. 1: Chipotle with Darylyn two weeks ago. I think that counts as take out? We got it to go…? Ha!
    2: I actually did all of my chores today. (:
    3: Percipient means “having perception; discerning, discriminating”. Word of the Day.


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