dinner inspiration // southern

When I was at Whole Foods over the weekend, I scored some beautiful organic leeks. Things like that really excite me… haha, it doesn’t take much! When I bought them, I already knew that I wanted to use them in this recipe for Chicken and Biscuits from my April issue of Bon Appetit magazine. The soup looked yummy and fresh, and I had already mentally marked the page.

Yesterday the May issue of BA came, and one of the very first recipes was for a Banana Cream Pie. My Uncle John has really been wanting someone to make him one for the past few months, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. Now the perfect opportunity presented itself.

So on Tuesday I’ll be making both of these new recipes. As I planned it in my head last night all of the sudden it hit me… gosh, this sounds kind of… southern! Ha! I’m not too familiar with Southern cuisine, having never experienced it firsthand… but I always think butter, heavy cream, and fried chicken. I’m sure part of that is stereotype, but Paula Deen certainly does nothing to help refute it.

Anyways, I’m hoping that the “lighter” soup will sort of offset the heavier pie. Either way, both should be delicious, and I’m looking forward to it!


Photo Credit (from top): 1 // 2

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