link love

link love

The day is almost gone, but I managed to bring you some links I’ve enjoyed lately!

I pinned this list of “blog post ideas for the uninspired” a while back, but I think it’s worth pulling out of the archives again.

Here’s another follow up list with 15 more ideas!

This stunning video of the Bay Area made an appearance in my news feed on Facebook last week. And now I’ve watched it 5 times. It only takes about 4 minutes… do it!

This fun time lapse video is also worth 2 minutes more of your time, if you like seeing SF captured in cool ways like I do :)

One of my favorite weekend breakfasts is an open-faced fried egg sandwich. Generally it consists of toasted sourdough, one egg, cheddar cheese, avocado, and hot sauce. This is a new egg method that I’m definitely going to have to try soon! Even if for no other reason than that it looks really fun to do.

Crazy. I would be so freaked out if I was on top… or on bottom for that matter!

I hope you enjoy!!


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