over coffee // week seven

over coffee
What a week. In one way it feels like it lasted forever, yet in another way it flew by. Oh well. Tomorrow’s Saturday and I’m glad.

All week I’ve been studying studying studying for my upcoming CLEP test. It’s scheduled for Monday, but I’ll only take it if I get a passing score on the official full-length practice test from the CLEP handbook. I think I can do it. I really like to read, and I really like literature, but I must confess that after reading some of the passages in the practice tests I’ve been taking I find myself wishing there was a little less “high faluting mumbo jumbo” involved.

In other news, the highlight of my week was making my very first two batches of macarons on two different days. It felt great to be in the kitchen trying something new and unfamiliar. I do not have them down by any means, but they taste great, and I’m looking forward to mastering them eventually!

Let’s dive into the questions for this week! Remember to put your own answers in the comments!


1 // What do you want to say when someone asks “What do you do”?

My two attempts at macarons this week really made me want to work in a bakery… like Miette or something!

2 // Who do you need to call?

I need to call Caitie. It’s been waaaaayyyy too long because we haven’t been able to properly sync our days for the past couple of weeks. I also need to call Danae. I called her on February 28 (her birthday) and then I just happened to call her on March 28 (seriously!)… this month the 28th is a Sunday, so we might have to switch it up a bit, but it’s time :)

3 // How much spare change do you have?

$0.00. I rarely carry change in my purse for more than a day. It usually goes straight to the jar on my nightstand for safe-keeping.


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