currently // week three

I haven’t been keeping up with this feature lately… I actually kind of forgot that I was going to do it every week. Even if I would’ve kept up it probably wouldn’t have been too terribly interesting. Not that it’s going to be any more interesting now, but I felt like doing it!


Digging: This t-shirt… I will hopefully be purchasing it soon! I love the three American Apparel t-shirts I already have; they’re so comfortable!

Drinking: A mix of Simply Grapefruit and Simply Orange juices. It’s become my favorite nightly ritual.

Listening: to “Sway” as sung by Michael Bublé.

Wearing: a pink sundress.

Feeling: relieved since I passed my first CLEP, but anxious for the next one in a few weeks.

Weather: gorgeous. I wore a tank top yesterday, and today I left the house without a cardigan… which actually turned out to be a mistake, but only because I went to Starbucks and it is always freezing in there.

Wanting: see “digging” above ^

Wishing: that my Etsy shop was a little more popular… not gonna lie.

Enjoying: my semi-day off. It’s almost over :(

Loving: warmer weather!


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