currently // week four

Colossians. It. is. packed.
Drinking: Water, but soon I’ll be drinking a riff on this. One of my favorite desserts!
To a fan and the kitchen faucet… real life.
Wearing: Pajama pants, a Washington, DC t-shirt, and a grey zip-up hoodie.
Colossians, Intimacy with Christ, and a bunch of articles on Social Justice for school.
Weather: Gorgeous.

Wanting: To watch The Princess Diaries. Even though I can practically quote the entire movie. It’s still one of my favorites.

Sunglasses. Truly, it’s become a need now. The sun just keeps getting brighter and it’s turning me into a perpetual squinter.
Enjoying: The beginning of my long weekend.
Loving: Black and white photography. Even black and white food photography, for certain applications!


Photo: The corner of Lombard and Fillmore.

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