over coffee // week eleven

over coffee

Hello! I’m finally on time today :) Remember to join in the conversation by leaving your answers in the comments!


01 // What’s the most creative thing you’ve done recently?

I started this blog. It’s caused me to be more aware of things around me, and I feel more inspired. P.S. Last year, my answer to this question was pretty fun… I got to attend a Maker Faire! People do THE most creative things, it’s ridiculous! Maybe sometime I’ll write about a few of the things I saw.

02 // What’s your hairstyle?

Long-ish, parted on the side, thick, and wavy-ish. It can also be straight if I blow dry it, or curly if I curl it.

03 // What motivated you today?

LONG WEEKEND! Woohoo!! I can hardly stand it.

I hope to be back a little later on with another “Currently” post as a sort of quick update. Fingers crossed! :)


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