over coffee // week thirteen

over coffeeI successfully made it through another week without posting. This is getting old. But, I do have a little tutorial for you tomorrow, and I hope I can crank out a couple more posts as well before Monday arrives.

I’ve been keeping busy with school as usual. On Wednesday I passed the Social Justice midterm… now if I can just hang on until the final in two weeks…

In other news, today was National Donut Day! I feel lame because I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to eat a guilt-freeish maple donut. What about you? Even if you didn’t get to eat a donut today, what’s your favorite kind? Do you have a favorite donut shop? Spill it in the comments!!

P.S. My two favorite shops are this one and this one.


01 // (June 4) What did you wear today?

These jeans, Birkenstocks, and one of my favorite shirts from Anthro, which unfortunately no longer has an internet presence. I bought it over a year ago.

02 // (June 5) What was the last fruit you ate?

Strawberries… on ice cream… with hot fudge :)

03 // (June 7) What do you feel grateful for today?

So. many. things. I’ve been pausing a lot lately to consider just how crazy blessed I am, even when life takes strange and unexpected turns.


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