handmade envelope // DIY


In my bottom dresser drawer, I have a two stacks of catalogues. One contains J. Crew catalogues dating back to 2007; the other, Anthropologie catalogues from 2009-ish to present. This simple DIY gives me a good excuse to hold onto them. (Even if I do still have a hard time cutting them up.)

You can really use any pretty paper to make envelopes, but Anthropologie always has the most beautiful photos, so if you’re not already on their mailing list, you should be! If only to make things with the pages :) Let’s face it though… you’re bound to find at least 5 new things to add to your wish list! Oh well.

Supplies //

Printed envelope template (remember to print at 100%)
One piece of sturdy card stock
One page from a magazine or catalogue
Double-sided tape
(Earbuds are great for piping in a podcast whilst you work.)

Directions //

Cut along the lines of the printed envelope template.

Trace the template onto the card stock, then cut it out as well.

Lay the new sturdy template on the back of whatever page you’ve chosen. Trace, then cut.

Fold the longer side-flap up towards the middle of the envelope. Place a strip of tape all along the edge, then fold the shorter flap down and press to seal.

Place a strip of tape on the small bottom-flap and fold it up to seal.

If the top flap has any overhang when you get done, just trim it off.

There you have it! A pretty envelope ready to be sent to a friend :)


P.S. My favorite way to seal the envelope’s top flap is with a small white rectangular label with my address typewritten on it. I also make another label with my friend’s address and stick it on the front.

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