over coffee // week eighteen

over coffeeWe’re having our coffee date today instead, because yesterday I was busy traveling. My family and I took a quick trip to Dallas which turned out to be even quicker due to a family emergency (not to worry, though :)).

photo-123{leave it to Dallas to greet a person with 100+ degree temperatures and a rainstorm}

If we were having coffee in person, I would have to tell you about what may or may not have been the highlight of my trip (since it was too short to have any other real highlights): gelato. At Costco. Seriously, they give you 3 generous scoops for $1.50. And it was really good gelato… I had 2 scoops of chocolate and 1 scoop of pistachio.

I only feel like answering one question today, so here it is…


01 // What do you get sentimental about?

I can be a very sentimental person… I get sentimental about my childhood, my home, memories made with friends, etc.

What about you?? Leave a comment, por favor!!


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