IMG_2600…last year’s summer trip to South Texas. The coast down there has a totally different vibe from the California coast, but it’s really fun! I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite photos from last year as I prepare to head there again in 10 days.

IMG_2596Last year, we stayed at a condo on Padre Island. It had two floors, and then a staircase up to a “third floor” balcony. The condo was separated from the ocean only by a street and an empty, grassy lot, so the view of the ocean was unobstructed. It was the perfect little place for morning devos and coffee, and for daily TRX workouts.

This year we’ll be staying in a house on South Padre Island, and I’m excited because I’ve never been down that far before.

IMG_2598IMG_2601A long sunrise walk on the beach is basically the best way I can think of to start any day.

IMG_2599Another walk on the beach to watch the sunset is the best way to end any day! A ferry ride works too :)

IMG_2597I cannot even count how many times I ate at Water Street during our two-week stay. It’s among my top 5 favorite restaurants. Honestly, the food is amazing, and super eclectic. If you ever find yourself in Corpus Christi, TX, I would definitely recommend it.

IMG_2612Then there’s Snoopy’s. The no-frills, cash-only joint where you can eat your fish and chips right on the water with the seagulls. The trip wouldn’t be complete without it. Who cares if the entire meal is fried?

So there you have it! My super unofficial and incomplete “city” guide. It’s getting me excited for vacation. No school to think about, eight days in South Texas, seeing Austin for the first time, then catching a flight to Oakland for twenty-four days at home! I’ll do my best to bring you along with me.


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