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IMG_3579I had way too much fun this month. My extended break from the books combined with 24 much needed days at home has me motivated to really stick with my schoolwork and get. it. done.

If you remember, in August I visited Austin, TX for the first time (such a cool place!) before heading home for a few weeks. Now that I’m back again I’ll be posting about some of the fun things I did on my time off. I’ll tell you what we did and where we ate in Austin, as well as SF and Berkeley. Starting with Austin…

We have the benefit of knowing an Austinite, and she guided us to the best spots via text. Without her, we would’ve been totally lost, but with her help we were able to make the most of our one available day. We referred to her as our e-tour guide :)

IMG_3901IMG_35821 | Tour the state capital.

IMG_3652IMG_35802 | Sip coffee at Jo’s and people watch.

IMG_37193 | Take a photo by this graffiti and text it to someone you love :)

IMG_35364 | See the Greetings from Austin mural on the 600 Block of West Annie.

IMG_5672IMG_36925 | Climb the stairs at Mount Bonnell.

Also, you must go to the flagship Whole Foods store. It’s like Disneyland for foodies.

Stay tuned for “Eat | Austin” coming next!

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