cheese board pizza | berkeley, ca

IMG_4354Cheese Board Pizza. I loved the concept first before I ever even tasted the pizza. Tuesday through Saturday, the folks at Cheese Board serve up a different kind of pizza each day. You have no choice, which makes ordering really easy. You either want a whole pizza ($20), a half pizza ($10), or a slice of pizza ($2.50). It’s always meatless, with fresh ingredients and cheese. You can view the current menu at the start of each week to decide which day to go, or just go and be surprised.

IMG_5605On the day I visited, the pizzas were topped with chard, leeks, lemon zest, garlic olive oil, and Montalban cheese. It was nothing short of spectacular, in my opinion. And I definitely suggest making use of the special green sauce (of which I have no photo) if you like spicy things!

IMG_5607We almost sat outside, but three seats became available inside so we were able to enjoy the live music. According to the schedule, this was the Joe Warner Band.

The line goes very fast (probably because people don’t have to make any choices) so don’t walk away if it stretches out the door. In about one hour we were able to pick my friend Micah up from her apartment, park (!!), order, eat, and return Micah to her apartment in time to walk to her next class. It wasn’t very leisurely, but we did it :)

{ Cheese Board Pizza }
1512 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA

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