bffnmhfa day date

Maci & Caitie 014Allow me to introduce you to my BFFNMHFA (that’s our secret acronym… all I can tell you is that it means we’re super duper good friends and plan on staying that way forever). Her name is Caitie. We’ve known each other since forever ago (read: circa 2nd grade). When we’re together, we like to make music, record music, watch old movies, do crafty things, converse, drink Starbucks, etc. You get the picture… we have fun :)

Moving away was so difficult because suddenly, we couldn’t just hang out face to face whenever. Our friendship was strengthened through all of the change though, and I’m so thankful.

We went from seeing each other all the time to writing real old-fashioned letters, scheduling “phone dates” when we’d be sure to have at least 45 minutes to talk, and sending frequent texts and emails. Though I’ve enjoyed all of these alternate methods of communication, nothing beats just being together. That’s why, when I was home for the month of September, we planned one full day to spend in each other’s company…

IMG_5908I snapped this photo out my window whilst I waited for Caitie to pick me up. The day was already beautiful at 9am.

IMG_5909Our lovely day started with Giacamo’s. A splurge calorie-wise for sure, but hey, we were going to live it up. (The day actually started at the gas station to fill up Bartholomew’s tank… but that’s extraneous information.) I had a Mocha Chill. It was delicious. Definitely better than a Frappuccino, but (don’t hate me Cait) still not quite as good as a Freddo.

IMG_5910We took our drinks to the mall because I needed to buy some shoes (truly).

IMG_5164IMG_5165I had put some movies on hold for us at the library, so we went there to pick them up and take some pictures. I just love library pictures.

IMG_5911IMG_5912At lunchtime we shared a sandwich from O’Brien’s. So satisfyingly simple and good, and definitely budget conscious. If you ever need a quick lunch, keep it in mind. Make sure you get Russian dressing on your sandwich.

As Caitie mentioned on her blog, we spread our sandwich out on the table and then proceeded to spend several minutes snapping pictures of it and of each other, laughing about how fortunate it was that our sandwich was meant to be eaten cold… otherwise we would’ve been in trouble.

IMG_5913IMG_5914World Market is one of my favorite stores. After reading so many hilarious greeting cards, we might have been feeling a little silly :)

IMG_5915Aaanddd, Yesterday’s Books is definitely my favorite used book store. So we went there. I took pictures; Cait bought some books.

IMG_5916Untitled-1IMG_5917IMG_5918Heading downtown, we decided to take a few photos of each other on the stairs at the McHenry Mansion. The mansion has been around since 1883, and it’s a really neat building.

IMG_5921At Caitie’s house, we did a little blogging together on our matching MacBooks :)

IMG_5922We proceeded to make some pretty good music with Cait’s sister Paige. Paige is super talented at GarageBand… and music in general. (Love you, Paigey!)

IMG_5056After dinner we finished our evening with mint chip ice cream and Shall We Dance… because ice cream is amazing and old movies are the best.

Caitie and Paige drove me home at ten o’clock… windows down, music up. It was a good day.

I would highly suggest you now go check out Caitie’s blog. She’s delightful :)


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