liebster blog award

liebsterAfter being nominated for this award over on my food blog, I nominated my friend Caitie of Please, Don’t Sit on the Cactus. Later the next day, Caitie nominated this blog for the award! It felt like a circle, but it’s been fun. Thanks, my dear! :)

What I love about this particular award is that it’s not as much about the blog as it is about the person behind the blog and getting to know them a little better! Leibster translated from German can mean “sweet”, “nice”, “dearest”, etc.

The rules for the Leibster Award vary depending on your source. For our purposes, here’s a quick version you can reference (the numbers can be flexible):

Get nominated.
Answer 10 questions.
Share 10 facts about yourself.
Nominate 10 sweet bloggers.
Write 10 questions for them to answer.
Keep it fun!!

10 random facts about me:

1 | I hate wearing lipstick. It looks pretty; it feels gross.
2 | My iPhone language is set to British English though I’m an American. That’s so I can spell “colour” and “favourite” without autocorrect telling me it’s wrong.
3 | I feel that mornings are not complete without at least two cups of coffee. Sometimes three. Sometimes four.
4 | Occasionally I get in major ruts where I’ll order the same drink from Starbucks like five times in a row, then switch and order a different drink five times in a row, etc.
5 | Old jazz music makes up the bulk of my Pandora stations.
6 | I like to watch holiday Hallmark movies. There. I said it.
7 | I’ve read all of the original Nancy Drew mysteries. Before I got into Nancy Drew, I read all of the Boxcar Children books.
8 | Every time I make scones, I consider creating a paint color which I would call “egg yolks and cream”. No joke!
9 | I’ve been trying to come up with fact #9 for 10 minutes now…
10 | Moving on….

10 questions from Caitie:

1 | What is your goal right now? My immediate goal is to relaunch my Etsy shop. My future goal is to earn my degree. Spring of 2015!!
2 | Random small pleasure? People-watching. (Sometimes I think I’d like to be a spy.)
3 | Stripes or polka dots? I’m torn!!! I love them both!!!
4 | Beach or mountains? Beach beach beach beach beach. Beach.
5 | What is your favorite Saturday morning ritual? I love spending extended time with Jesus before making something special for breakfast. Being able to browse Pinterest while drinking coffee is pretty great too, because I can’t do that on a school day!
6 | How do you feel about calendars? I only buy them for the pictures… no plain black-and-white calendars for me! I have iCal for that :)
7 | What is your favorite holiday tradition? Decorating the tree, drinking hot chocolate, listening to The Christmas Song and other terrific Christmas music, etc.
8 | What countries have you traveled to? Israel :)
9 | What is your favorite book? I could never choose just one! Obviously one answer is the Bible. And my current favorite novel is Against the Tide, but I’ll have a new favorite next month probably.
10 | What is your happiest memory? I have too many to list, but my favorites usually have a common thread- they happen when I’m with my family or friends.

My nominees:

Loving Lola
Serendipities by Design
My Favourite Pastime
Pardon My French

10 questions for my nominees:

1 | What did you wear today?
2 | You find yourself with 15 free minutes- what do you do?
3 | Where is your favorite day-trip location?
4 | How do you feel about crowds?
5 | What is your favorite fruit?
6 | Which countries have you traveled to?
7 | Do you prefer the city or the country?
8 | What is your favorite season?
9 | Of the shoes you own, which are your favorite?
10 | Chocolate or vanilla?


4 thoughts on “liebster blog award

  1. sorry i never participated in this … im actually trying to decided if i want to jump back into blogging again. i think so, but will most likely start fresh. i will keep you posted via instagram. thanks again for thinking of me Maci!! xo


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