handwritten notes

vsco_0-14 copySeveral years ago a handful of my friends and I started sending each other letters rather than emails. There was something so thrilling about getting a real letter in the daily mail delivery. Sure, they cost more money to send and take longer to receive, but in my opinion it’s worth it.

You don’t have to get deep or lengthy (unless you want to!)- a few sincere sentences will suffice. Make it enjoyable and have fun with the appearance of the card and envelope. I like to use colored pens, washi tape, rubber stamps, my typewriter, paint, etc.).

A very short list of things you could slip in the envelope:

1 | a magazine/newspaper clipping that made you think of your friend
2 | a miniature piece of art… you be the artist!
3 | a photo (i love this printing service)
4 | a pretty piece of fabric
5 | a postage stamp (for a possible reply!)
6 | a piece of paper with a special quote or verse

Be creative!

It’s possible to spend a small fortune on pretty stationery, but check out the dollar sections at Target and Michael’s… usually you can get a pack of 8 cards for $1. I bought the cards pictured above at Target last week!

Who’s day will you make with a handwritten note?


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