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provisions_giftguideEver since I signed up for early access to Provisions a handful of months ago I’ve been excited about it. There’s such a lovely selection of unique items in the shop! Pretty much anything would make a great gift. I’ve rounded up 12 beautiful items, all under $50. I know I’d be glad to be on the receiving end of any of these :)

1 | Bakers Wrapping Set (Under $50)
2 | Colander Tea Towel (Under $25)
3 | Walnut Dough Scraper (Under $20)
4 | Brooklyn Slate Cheeseboard Set (Under $50)
5 | Walnut Sandwich Spreader (Under $20)
6 | Weck Juice Jars (Under $50)
7 | Molded Beeswax Candle Set (Under $50)
8 | World Salt Tower (Under $25)
9 | Holler Mountain Blend Coffee from Stumptown (Under $50)
10 | Bea House Coffee Dripper (Under $25)
11 | Heirloomed Linen Table Runner (Under $50)
12 | Japanese Ceramic Stoneware Mug (Under $50)


2 thoughts on “gift guide | provisions

  1. Hey Maci! I don’t spend a lot of time looking at FB or blogs but I enjoyed looking around your blog tonight! What is Kinfolk magazine about? It looks/sounds interesting. Merry Christmas. from Dana G


    • Thanks, Mrs. Goddard! I’m glad you enjoyed it :) Kinfolk is an ad-free magazine that focuses on “small gatherings and finding new things to make and do”… the issues contain recipes, stories, essays, amazing photographs, etc. It’s very creative and artful, and it seems like an inspiring magazine to subscribe to for a year! :) I read some blogs whose authors do work for Kinfolk and I love the aesthetic. xo


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