my favorite childhood books

My mom started taking my brother and I to the library when we were quite young, and I will always be grateful that the library was such a huge part of my childhood. I would check out precariously high stacks of books on each weekly visit, then go home and devoured them, often reading one per day. Summer reading programs were always a breeze, and I loved them. I was going to read anyway, so why not participate in something that would reward me with free In-n-Out?? That’s a definite no-brainer :)

When my mom brought home Number the Stars from a used bookstore the other day, I started thinking about some of my old favorite books and series. I’ve only listed a few here. Did you read/enjoy any of these books? What were your personal favorites?

First row:
Nancy Drew | A definite fan… I’ve read all of the originals a million times.
Girls of Many Lands | My two favorite titles from this American Girl series were Cecile: Gates of Gold and Spring Pearl: The Last Flower.
History Mysteries | Another American Girl series. I loved Gangsters at the Grand Atlantic, The Smuggler’s Treasure, Secrets on 26th Street, and Riddle of the Prairie Bride.

Second row:
Ellis Island | I loved all three titles in this collection.

Third row:
Frindle | Humorous and entertaining. Is it weird that just thinking about this book is making me want to read it again? I also loved Lunch Money and The Landry News by this same author.
Number the Stars | Do you notice a trend? I kind of love historical fiction :)
The Boxcar Children | The first book from this series is actually one of the first books I ever remember reading by myself.


8 thoughts on “my favorite childhood books

  1. I read Frindle and the Boxcar Children when I was a kid. The Boxcar Children were my favorite until I had read every single book in the series. Then I had to move on. :) I also remember getting those In-n-out certificates! Thank you, Modesto Library. :)


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