IMG_5189I know my previous post was rather cryptic and reflective. I actually did much more reflecting during its writing… you only saw a fraction, and even then, I took longer to hit “Publish” than I ever have with any other post.

The tone of this post is anticipatory. I already mentioned that I am so ready for the new year, and I thought I’d share some of what I’m excited about.

Events /

>> My birthday! :) I’m taking my friend Ruth to Kansas City for the day to shop. Armed with some Christmas money and my Anthropologie birthday discount postcard, it’s shaping up to be a lovely time.

>> My BFFNMHFA’s wedding in April! Not only do I get to take a few weeks of “spring break” and go home, I get to be a bridesmaid for my dear Caitie. Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to that.

>> Finishing the year as a college senior. I’m slated to graduate in March of 2015!

Goals /

>> Yesterday I completely cleaned out my Reading List (kind of like internet bookmarks, if you’re not a Mac user) and I can totally recommend doing that before January 1st. Mine has been messy and growing since I got this computer. I went through and deleted everything I’d already read, visited links I had marked, and ended up following over 50 new blogs on Bloglovin’. It felt just as good as cleaning out a closet… and it was definitely easier and more inspiring! ;) My goal is to keep it clean and updated throughout the year.

>> I would love to complete a Week in the Life photo project, or maybe even start with just one photo per day in January and make it into a photo book. Sort of a twist on Project Life. Caylee Grey’s blog has terrific inspiration for these goals, by the way.

That’s all for now. What gets you excited about 2014? Do you make goals or resolutions? Tell!

Maci :)

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