link love

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetAnother weekend, another small batch of links for you! Enjoy… :)

Ohmyword, this dialect map was amazingly accurate! It got me to the town. And besides that, it’s just plain fun :) My results were Santa Rosa, Sacramento, and Modesto. My least similar cities were all in the Northeast, like Boston.

Even though I’m not totally hipster (but I do drink single brew coffee), this had me laughing for almost a full 10 minutes.

Forget January 1st.

I know it’s a short list this week, but I’m off to make baked donuts for the first time, so, um…

Maci :)

7 thoughts on “link love

  1. For my dialect map I had Santa Rosa, Modesto, and Reno! Modesto was the most red. :) It makes sense because I’ve lived here for 15 years of my life! :) My least similar were Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. That was a fun little quiz! Thanks for sharing, Maci.


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