i heart pinterest.

pin_loveOver the last year, I really fell in love with Pinterest. Obviously I use that phrase lightly. What I mean to say is that I started utilizing it a lot more as a place to gather and share inspiration, and inspiring it is.

Even when I have no time to actually compose a blog post (which sadly happens more often than I’d like, being in school) I can usually find a few minutes every day to browse my Pinterest feed. When time is ample, I’m all over the internet, in search of interesting things.

Some of my favorite categories of things to pin currently include food (styling and recipes), coffee photos, places, interiors and exteriors, storefronts, weddings, and parties.

The images above are from my hello world, coffee love, and storefronts boards, respectively.


Image credits: 1 / 2 / 3

3 thoughts on “i heart pinterest.

  1. I heart Pinterest too! I’m participating in the zero to hero Daily Prompt Challenge and today I embedded my Pinterest Interior Design board on my blog. I didn’t know I could do that. I’ll look for you on Pinterest.


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