january / the month in instagrams

¡Hasta la vista, January 2014! Click on the photos to read the captions.

I’ll be repeating this “insta-month” series every month this year. Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms to use, so it just makes sense to bring it to my blog!

I don’t exactly know how to describe this month.

I passed microeconomics and macroeconomics, and studied for my next test- social sciences and history. So in terms of school, I guess January was good :)

I sold some art from my shop, and I also added a lot of new art! I love that space.

Selling a few pieces of art was definitely a good thing, since I spent most of my available money on a plane ticket last weekend. It was so worth it though, and I cannot wait until March 29. It’s also exciting to see how the Lord will provide for me.

January was a cold, cold month. Like, beyond-my-wildest-dreams-i-think-this-is-what-Antarctica-feels-like cold. So that was bad. Especially when the weather people predicted a warmer January. Sure! Fine! Go ahead and get my hopes up like that. Whatever.

Anyways, I suppose this month had more good than bad. But can February please be warmer?


*All photos are from my personal Instagram this month. If you’d like, you can follow my brand new public Instagram @thethoughtfulplate.

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