photo adventure 02

 There’s a fairly good chance that if you find yourself behind or in front of me in a long line, and if you appear at least moderately friendly, I’ll probably say something to you. Something like, “Hi” or “Lines at craft stores are always so long, right?”

I do this because I like to talk to people. Some people don’t like to talk to me, and that’s fine (singular, but fine). But if you’re cool with it, we could most likely have a great conversation that would make the line seem shorter for both of us.

     Last year (I can’t remember the month, but I believe it was around this time) I was in a long line at a very crowded Starbucks. There was a nice-looking girl in front of me, and we struck up a conversation. I think it started because we were practically squished together in this line that was quickly outgrowing the available space. I honestly don’t remember much of what was said that day, but I walked away feeling like the world was a little bit smaller and I had just met a very sweet human.

   Fast forward to 5 weeks ago. I’m sitting in Starbucks, and a girl walks over to me. With one brief look I know she’s the same girl I met last year. She said something to the effect of, “Were you in here a few days ago editing photos with some sort of tablet?” That’s all it took for us to embark on a several minute discussion about photography, my Wacom tablet, and Society6. And I left Starbucks that day with a new friend, Meegan.

    We spent this Saturday morning walking around downtown together, chatting with ease, drinking coffee and taking the photos you see in this post. Best Saturday morning I’ve had in quite some time!

The moral of this story is: always be friendly to the people around you. You never know where you’ll meet a terrific new friend!


7 thoughts on “photo adventure 02

  1. I tend to strike up convos with random people too–both in person and online. Most people are genuinely friendly and kind…..but I have had a few people look at me like I’ve sprouted another head! This is such a heartwarming little story (and gorgeous photos, too!).


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  3. I love it when i can make friends in that kind of way. i love when people make genuine conversation in the line. also, you took interesting photos. these are gorgeous.


  4. Such a great story, Maci! This is one really big reason why I miss living in Australia so much. If you were to strike up a random conversation (as I often like to do) people think you are strange or mentally disabled in London!


    • Aw, that’s sad! I’d still say hi and let them think I was crazy… you never know, it might rub off on people! ;)

      In the United States, certain areas definitely have reputations for being friendly or not. But I’ve found that stereotypes aren’t completely reliable, because there are always those that break the mold!


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