what’s on my side table.

books_01Instead of showing you what’s in my bag or something, I’m going to show you what’s on the little table next to my side of the couch :) In addition to some Printics, a lamp, and a coaster, these are the books you’ll find there currently…

books_02books_031 / Q & A a Day Journal
I started this journal in 2012 and wrote in it every day that year. Honestly, I’ve consistently gotten worse at keeping up, but it’s such a fun way to record life! I love comparing my answers to the same questions from year to year.

2 / The Bible
Every morning begins with this and coffee.

3 / Notebook
I will be so sad to run out of pages in this notebook. I’ve been using it since May 2012, and it’s seen me through one major move, the start of college, and plenty more. Full of podcast notes, random lists and musings, drafts of letters to friends, scattered email addresses and phone numbers, I’ll most likely be referencing it for the rest of my life.

4 / Kindle
A hand-me-down from my Grammy, I mostly use this to access free books. I’ve never paid money for a digital book. I do think they are super handy though, especially for travel!

5 / Blog, Inc.
Almost everything you ever wanted to know about blogging is contained within these pages. It’s a terrific reference book.

6 / The Truest Thing About You
This book. I’m in chapter three, so I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but this is a good one. If I could buy you a copy, I totally would. Read it! Or at least explore this page. I listened to the podcasts week by week and they were life changing, and I’m not being dramatic at all when I say that.

What’s on your side table (or equivalent :))? Leave a comment, or a link to your own blog post on the subject!


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