photo booth strip birthday card

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 presetBirthdays are the best, and I love celebrating my friends’ birthdays as much as my own. Since starting college, it’s hard to put as much effort into making cards and packages, but when I have a free afternoon that I can spend crafting I love to do something I’ve never done before. Like this photo booth strip birthday card!

I’ve had this post ready since last week, but since it’s a real birthday card that I sent to a real friend (Happy Birthday, Danae! :)), I had to be sure she’d already seen it in her mailbox before she saw it on my blog. You understand.

I didn’t have a real photo booth strip, so I faked it in Photoshop. You could probably achieve the same effect in Pages or Word too; it’s just a little row of squares with small gaps between.

If you have any questions at all about the process, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments! I tried to be as clear as possible and provide step-by-step photos with notes, but I know it’s completely different when you’re the one trying to follow unfamiliar steps.

 This project was inspired by and based on this card from Julep.

Photo booth strip (real or homemade, see step one)
Envelope template
3 pieces of different colored construction paper (I used natural, black, and yellow for this project)
Double-sided tape

Step 1 / Make your own photo booth strip (or use a real one!). I made one in Photoshop by placing 5 square photos onto a blank 1×4.5-inch strip, leaving a white border around each photo. Print it out, trim the edges. Then use double-sided tape to stick the photo strip onto a slightly larger piece of black construction paper. Tape a small strip of paper on the back of the photo strip, letting it hang off the edge. You’ll pull on this strip to adjust the photo strip within the envelope.

 Step 2 / Make a modified envelope to house the strip. Use this template, but cut off one side of the envelope in a straight line. Don’t tape it closed yet.

  Step 3 / Lay the photo strip in the center of the envelope, face up. Make sure the top of the photo strip is pushed up against where the envelope will fold closed. Make a small mark level with the bottom of the first photo. Use this as a guide to draw a square box. Cut out the square with an X-Acto knife (I just use my Swiss Army knife).

  Step 4 / (The above photo looks way more complicated than it actually is ;)) Now lay the photo strip in the center of the envelope again, this time face down. Place two long strips of double-sided tape on either side of the photo strip, leaving a tiny bit of wiggle room. Fold the longer flap of the envelope closed, pressing firmly to seal. Place a narrow strip of double-sided tape along the flap where the shorter one will meet it, then close and seal. Seal the bottom flap of the envelope with tape as well.

IMG_9600Step 5 / You can do whatever you’d like with the front of the card. I chose to use my typewriter and cut the strips of yellow paper you see in the photos. Be creative! Once the front is decorated to your liking, you’re finished. Write a nice card, stick everything in an envelope, and send it to the birthday girl (or boy)! P.S. Sorry about the blurry photo on the left… my hands were cold!

  Happy crafting!


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