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Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetWhat. A. Day.

I studied all day long, trying to make myself feel ready for Wednesday’s Human & Cultural Geography test. I took a short break around 2:00 when a friend texted me to initiate a phone chat! That was a most welcome diversion.

Then I made brownies. Then I studied some more. Then I tackled the FAFSA application. Then I did my best to make myself look presentable, because another friend is coming over for dinner tonight!

All in all, it has been a very full Friday, with ups and downs, bright spots and dark spots. It’s Fridays like these that make the weekend look even more glorious, if that’s possible.

Here are some links for your weekend reading enjoyment! Some are new to me from this week, and I’ve also thrown in some oldies that I like.

Generating blog post ideas. Lately I cannot get enough of practical blogging advice. Especially when bloggers I admire let us peek in on their honest process!

One iced caramel macchiato and one BFF, please? Friendship is the best.

Pandora stations for your soiree. I am always ready to discover new stations.

Two of my favorite styles of architecture, Victorian and modern, both rolled into the same house. That front though… I love SF.

An app to track your caffeine consumption. This is fun (and free). I had no clue that my bloodstream is still half-caffeinated at 2pm!

Maci :)

4 thoughts on “link love

  1. I love that link for blog post ideas!! That’s something I struggle with….what to write and when to write it. With my schedule sometimes blogging comes last, which is a bummer, but oh well! :) And Pandora is a lifesaver…I always need some music to listen while I work. And I love SF too! Not necessarily to live there, but it is one of my favorite tourist attractions. :)


    • I’m glad it helped you like it helped me! Good stuff :) And Pandora is great… I also really love Spotify. Have you used it before? We share a love of SF, but I would live there in a heartbeat :) It is definitely a terrific day-trip destination as well!


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