currently.I didn’t want to go so many days without blogging, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Like when you have a major test coming up and you’re doubting whether all the studying you’ve done leading up to it did you any good. What if somehow you completely missed everything important?

That’s how I felt all of last week as Human Geography loomed in front of me. But, test day came yesterday, and I passed. It’s hard to describe how that feels for me, though I have briefly written about it before.

To get back in the swing of things, here’s the abridged version of life currently. I haven’t posted one of these in quite some time!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Drinking: water, water, water.

Eating: a brown rice cake with almond butter and the best ever homemade pomegranate jelly.

Listening: to absolutely nothing.

Wearing: just some old gap jeans and a grey zip-up sweatshirt.

Reading: the psalms in the morning, and a book about information technology during the day (for school :)).

Feeling: relieved at passing human geography yesterday, energized to get through my next test in two weeks, and excited for the end of the month!

Weather: looks bright and beautiful, but I haven’t been outside yet.

Wanting: nothing, really. i have so much to be thankful for already.

Wishing: that sixteen days will somehow seem like eight days instead. i have places to be! :)

Thinking: how lovely it was to have my grandpa and auntie visit for a few days last week.

Enjoying: the amazing weather lately. it does wonders for my constitution.



3 thoughts on “currently.

  1. I completely know how you feel…about tests and all. :/ I just finished midterms and I’m pretty sure I passed all of them! It is a relief to get those tests done and over with. :)

    And the weather!!! Here in Mo-town the weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I am so happy, for I really dislike cold and cloudy weather. Right now it is completely clear, sunny, bright blue skies, and I can see the Sierras as well as the Bay Area Mountain range. And there are snow caps on the Sierras! This is my favorite kind of weather; not too hot, not too cold. Perfection.

    Anywho, it’s nice to hear from you! I bet you’re excited to be back in a couple weeks. :)



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