ice cream shops you should know about

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 presetIce cream is one of my favorite things. I eat it year-round and consider it appropriate always, even in colder months. My philosophy? Some months are best for eating ice cream outside, and other months are best for eating ice cream inside.

This month has been so full that I feel sort of lost when it comes to relaying events here on my blog. I’ve been looking for themes to break posts into, and one emerged very quickly… ice cream. Here are three places I love that you should know about (and visit if you have the chance).

As an added plus, all three of these shops use fresh, local, and organic ingredients to make their ice creams!

icecream011 / The Penny Ice Creamery
913 Cedar St, Santa Cruz, CA

What I’ve ordered: chocolate sorbet.
What it costs: $3.75 for a single in a cone or cup (gf cone costs an extra $0.75).
What people rate it on Yelp: 4.5 stars

I walked to this place fully intending to try a wild flavor. But as soon as I saw an adorable little girl out front clearly enjoying her chocolate ice cream (evidenced by the fact that she was wearing it all over her face), I knew there was no point in trying to fight it. I needed some chocolate too, and the offering here did not disappoint. I also sampled the brown sugar oat walnut ice cream, which was fantastic, but not gluten free.

There is a good amount of seating at this location. I love the interior combination of white walls with dark wood and plenty of natural light.

icecream022 / Ici
2948 College Ave, Berkeley, CA

What I’ve ordered: coffee chocolate chip cookie dough. candied coffee bean.
What it costs: $3.90 for one generous scoop in a cone.
What people rate it on Yelp: 4.5 stars

Of the three shops I’m highlighting, Ici probably offers the most inventive flavors. They rotate so frequently that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to have the same flavor twice in a week. This forces you into adventurousness :) I love love loved the coffee chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! The best way to keep an eye on flavor offerings is via Twitter.

The house made cones here are a beautiful sight to behold. In addition to their fantastic taste, Ici pipes chocolate into the bottom part of each cone where no ice cream generally reaches. The chocolate barrier keeps any melty ice cream from dripping out the bottom, and surprises you at your last bite with the delightful combination of chocolate and crunchy cone. You’ll want to run back inside and order another one, trust me.

Ici seats about 6 people inside, so in my opinion this ice cream is best enjoyed on a nice walk on College Avenue.

icecream03IMG_0944_23 / Bi-Rite Creamery
3692 18th St, San Francisco, CA

What I’ve ordered: roasted banana and chocolate.
What it costs: $3.50 for two scoops (1-2 flavors) in a cone or cup.
What people rate it on Yelp: 4.5 stars

Bi-Rite is famous for their salted caramel ice cream, which seems to get all of the publicity. However, the first time I came here I couldn’t resist the roasted banana ice cream. It was the deepest, truest, most intensely flavored banana ice cream I’ve ever tasted, and so far I haven’t been successful in branching out. I pair it with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, which is made with local Tcho chocolate.

I have also sampled the hazelnut with askinosie cocoa nibs, and may have to branch out next time and take the ice cream scooper’s advice to pair a scoop with chocolate for a Nutella-like experience.

Bi-Rite doesn’t have plentiful seating, but there are a couple of tables inside with stools and benches, as well as a couple of benches outside.

Happy Ice Cream-Eating!


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