national donut day.

 Tomorrow is National Donut Day! Will you be making your own at home, or grabbing one from your favorite local shop? I made these simple donuts with salted caramel chocolate glaze and blogged about them on my food blog. I’m kind of loving these black and white photos right now, so that’s the real reason I’m mentioning the donuts on this blog too :) You can head over to The Thoughtful Plate for the recipe and color photos!

Before I go, here’s a roundup of some other great donuts floating around the Internet currently!

1 / Baked Espresso Donuts.
2 / Cinnamon Sugar Donuts.
3 / Mix and Match Donuts, with the prettiest glazes.
4 / Baked Glazed Chocolate Donuts.
5 / Maple Sea Salt Donuts.
6 / Brown Butter Baked Donuts.


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