paper and things.

 I don’t hoard things as a general rule. In my ideal world, all of my belongings can fit into two suitcases. That would be dreamy.

However, my minimalist intentions breakdown over one thing- paper. Letters, invitations to parties and fliers from events, magazines, receipts from special coffee dates or lunches with friends, fastpasses from Disneyland, etc… I have the hardest time throwing stuff like that away. The problem is that I’m not a scrapbooker or Project Life-er, so I just keep all of these loose mementos in a dresser drawer. Occasionally I’ll pull the drawer out, sit on the floor, and leisurely rifle through the paper and their attached memories.

After an almost exclusively digital week I needed to handle some paper, so today out came the drawer. I wanted to show you a few of my favorite things that it contains.

 The little San Francisco book and copies of the Chronicle belonged to my great-grandma. As we were going through the things in her house after she passed away, I found them and asked my grandma if I could keep them. Now I refer to them as my “inheritance,” and though small, they’re quite special.

   The guidebook has photos and maps of vintage San Francisco, as well as Tahoe and Yosemite, etc. I love seeing places as they were years and years ago.

   The edition of the Chronicle is from the day after the Loma Prieta earthquake. Granted, it’s not the perkiest front page headline, but I’m still glad to have it. The other newspaper is from 1986; a special an 80th anniversary edition of the 1906 earthquake. (It’s starting to show signs of age with yellowing around the creases, so I didn’t open it to take photos.)

The day I discovered these things, I decided that they will find a home on my future coffee table. For now I keep them safe in a bag, in my drawer.



2 thoughts on “paper and things.

  1. i used to make a scrap book of stories & pictures from newspaper or magazine that i love. haha,,
    sometimes they really came as inspiration. my weakness now is coffee mug. i lived as a nomad for the past few years, but since i decided to get settled and get my own place last november, now I can’t fit my belongings in a backpack like i use to.


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