something i said i’d never do…

#grantlovescaitieI’ve been a “photographer” since I was about 13. By “photographer,” I simply mean someone who’s in the habit of capturing life with a camera. Random everyday happenings, day trips to SF, Hawaiian vacations, etc… my camera was always present. I wasn’t good, but I was enthusiastic.

Over the years, I’ve gradually upgraded my equipment, sold a few prints (always super exciting), jumped into food photography, and become more intentional in trying to develop my style and process.

San Francisco, California in general, food, still life, and unposed people just doing their thing are among my favorite things to photograph. Do you see a trend there? None of those things are time-sensitive per say (well, except ice cream, if you consider that to be food).

Do you know what is time-sensitive? A wedding. The moments that pass during a wedding can never be re-created, only remembered. It’s the photographer’s job to not just capture all of the important moments, but capture them beautifully. That’s why I’ve always told myself and others that I would never shoot a wedding. Too much pressure!

So… guess what I’m doing this Saturday?

I’m second shooting a wedding with a photographer friend of mine. In recent years I’ve warmed up to the idea, and being a second shooter will give me the opportunity to get my feet wet without the bride and groom being dependent on my photos. Fun stuff! I’ll be sure to post some of the photos next week, unless they’re terrible ;)


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