friday favorites 07.04 + 4th of july

 Happy Fourth of July, fellow Americans! :) What fun things do you have planned for today? Barbecues, probably? Fireworks? Do you buy them or go watch a show?

In the past we’ve mostly gone to a barbecue at our friends’ house where we always eat plenty of beef and kahlua ice cream. Then, after dark, we would drive somewhere and park in a lineup of cars to watch a fireworks show.

Since moving, however, things have been a bit different. We went to a party last night, and there were fireworks and red, white, and blue desserts involved, so I’m actually not sure what the plan is for today!

Whatever you’re up to, have a happy and safe day!

. . . . . . . . . .

The date in this post’s title has now been changed three times. So, before I have to change the title a fourth time, this link roundup is getting published. Enjoy!

01 A friend of mine wrote a genius Craigslist ad for a treadmill.
02 How to write a blog post in a pinch.
03 A unique food blog.
04 I won’t stop trying until my macarons look as perfect as these.
05 One of my current favorite VSCO grids.
06 This milkshake just looks so good.
07 Fika is my favorite word. Also, I may be moving to Sweden.
08 This is the best thing Julian Smith has put out in a long time, in my opinion.


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