madeline + bryan

 This blog has been a vicious cycle of friday favorites and twosday link up posts, and I’m probably as tired of it as you are! However, the promised (and long overdue) wedding photos are finally here. Also, I’m hoping to start posting quite a few photos from my time at home (which has now been 2 months ago!) that I never took the time to post while I was there because I had too many things to do and people to see to justify even 15 minutes behind a computer screen. Anyways, we were talking about a wedding…

IMG_5489-1IMG_5488 IMG_5498This wedding actually only took place a couple of weeks ago, so I’m not too far behind schedule on it, but I’ve secretly been wishing I could wait to post them until I somehow acquire VSCO film. Finally accepting the fact that I do not have it and probably won’t for a while, I edited these in my usual way for sharing here.

   IMG_5503-1Meegan was the real photographer of the day, so most of my shots are very candid (i.e. people are not smiling towards me ;)). I just had a fun time seeing how the wedding day goes from start to finish as a photographer and not one of the wedding party.

IMG_5507-1   Meegan and I arrived at the reception venue early, since Bryan and Madeline had chosen to do a first look. After photos of the wedding party, we drove towards the ceremony venue, making a stop at the baseball field first for a few shots. Bryan has played baseball since he was young, and they also took some engagement photos here as well.

    IMG_5514-1Thankfully the rain held off until we were inside for the ceremony! I was not pleased with my photos of the ceremony, and that’s why you will not see any here ;) My camera and extremely low-light conditions don’t mix very well.

 This has been the official documentation of my first time helping photograph a wedding.


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