the one in iphone photos.

 My Grammy and I began to brainstorm a fun little trip we could take while I was home. Napa and Carmel were contenders, but I didn’t necessarily want to be gone for too long, and both of those locations, though doable in just one day, would’ve benefited from at least one night away.

Under any other circumstances I would’ve jumped at the chance of a two or three day trip, but I had too many favorite humans to spend time with in the valley, so a one-day coastal road trip was decided on.

Pacifica to Santa Cruz on Highway 1, just the two of us, with the hills on our left and the ocean on the right… basically the best.

 Coming around the bend on the 101 outside of Daly City is breathtaking. All you see is ocean, and it’s beautiful.

   The whole drive is one scenic vista after another. In Half Moon Bay, we parked at the Ritz-Carlton and took a walk along the ocean behind the hotel. People say it looks like Ireland, but since I’ve never been there, I just think it looks like a gorgeous section of the California coast :)

  Following the advice of reviews on Yelp, we located the Garden Deli Cafe at San Benito House for lunch. They bake beautiful fresh loaves of sandwich breads and make whole or half sandwiches however you like. It took everything in me not to cave in to the glutens, but I was good and had a salad like I should. But oh, that bread looked good.

       Pigeon Point Lighthouse is located in Pescadero, which is about half way between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. The lighthouse is the tallest on the the west coast.

   Organic strawberries from Swanton Berry Farm. These berries could not have been any more perfect. Eat them unwashed, while driving (or riding, in my case). You only live once, right?

   The weather in Santa Cruz could not have been more lovely. We parked (parking garages in Santa Cruz are super cheap, if not free) and had ice cream. Then we walked leisurely up and down Pacific Ave. before having dinner and heading home.


6 thoughts on “the one in iphone photos.

    • That stretch of the coast is absolutely beautiful, and it’s less familiar to me than the coast south of Santa Cruz. I’ve spent more time in places like Carmel/Monterey/Pacific Grove and Morro Bay, so it’s always fun to see different sights :)

      (Go Giants!)


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