hiking in yosemite.

 lembert domeOn Saturday I, along with 9 friends and 2 fathers, caravanned to Yosemite for a day of hiking. In general, hiking is not really my favorite thing. But I love my friends, and I love Yosemite, so I went. It was a grand day, and the park was extraordinarily beautiful- sunny and clear, with its usual fresh and piney smell.

 We hiked to Dog Lake and Lembert Dome… both were spectacular in their own ways. The lake water was so clear and blue, and the vast vistas from the top of the dome were breathtaking (given the oxygen levels at 9,000+ feet, that’s literal and figurative ;)).

       Notable moments: A leech decided it wanted to feed off my foot when I waded in the lake. I can’t handle that sort of stuff, so thank goodness for Mr. Johnson who pulled it off for me. On a more fun note, I met a couple from Spain after they caught my lens cap which snapped off and started rolling down the dome. At the top, I got to take a photo for them in return.

 Danae specifically asked if I could make this photo black and white so she’d look like a founder :)



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