sundays in the city.

 This past Sunday morning we headed to the city for church. We were even able to pick up my friend Micah in Berkeley and take her along! Everything was going along so well until we got stuck in traffic on the Bay Bridge due to a big accident. Multiple cars had crashed right at the end of the tunnel, and it took us a little more than one hour to get to that spot.

 In the meantime, we chatted, sang songs, and read bumper stickers to pass the time. I was also able to get a photo of the bridge from a different perspective :)

 We ended up being 30 minutes late to church, but our friends saved us seats and all we had to do was walk in and sit down, so that worked out nicely.

 After church we called in a sandwich order to Bi-Rite Market (3 grilled chicken + balsamic onions, 1 mozzarella + prosciutto, and 1 giuseppe, in case you were wondering) and picked them up on our way to the Presidio, where we picnicked with a lovely view of the Golden Gate.

     There was not one cloud in the sky; it was a perfectly sunny, perfectly breezy, perfectly indian summery day.

 Micah had to get back to Berkeley to watch a soccer game with her family, so once we dropped her off, we walked down the street to get ice cream. I recently read about Tara’s Organic Ice Creams on a blog, and was excited to give it a try. Ahhhh!! It was amazing. Amazing amazing. I had cinnamon ice cream in a handmade black sesame cone, and I loved it. I want some more right now, come to think of it, only it’s 80 miles away :(

That was Sunday, and it was great.



2 thoughts on “sundays in the city.

    • Yes! I’ve been to Ici a few times, and I like them both! One thing about the bay area is that there are just so many places to choose from and they all do what they do really well! It makes it hard to pick absolute favorites :)


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