a bit of berkeley, a bit of sf.

 Last Tuesday I introduced my aunt to two of my favorite things: Cheese Board pizza and Bi-Rite ice cream. Originally the plan was just to go to Cheese Board and head home soon after. However, while shopping at Cotton Basics in Berkeley, my aunt found something she really wanted to buy, but her size/color was only available at the SF store.

So, of course, we jumped in her car and headed into the city after very little deliberation. We beat the clock by 4 minutes and were able to get over the bridge for $4 instead of $6. We went to Whole Foods in Noe Valley first, and to Cotton Basics. Then we had ice cream, then we visited a thrift store in the Mission. We decided to head for the Sunset to end the day with salads at Java Beach Cafe and a brief walk on the beach. It turned out to be a very full but very fun day.

  Cheese Board was, as usual, everything one could hope for in pizza. And the band that day, Snake Bite or something, was quite entertaining.

 In SF, we walked right past Rare Device on our way up the street to Cotton Basics, and of course I had to stop in. I think I would buy too many greeting cards, art prints, and miscellaneous knick-knacks if this shop was just down the street. So much great stuff.

Untitled-2   Have you ever had basil ice cream? I know it sounds strange, but as with every flavor Bi-Rite creates, you must trust. It’s simply amazing. I still went with coffee toffee, but it was a difficult choice. No regrets though!

    After dinner we scrambled over the dunes to get our feet wet in the ocean. Clearly unplanned, because we had to ride home with sandy toes.

   I was so glad earlier this week to hear that my aunt had so enjoyed both Cheese Board and Bi-Rite that she took my grandparents over and retraced our steps a couple of days after we went. She said she needed basil ice cream again before Bi-Rite stopped making it :)


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