the everyday.

 I’ve been sharing a lot of photos of places (berkeley, sf, yosemite) lately, whether on here or on Instagram, so today I’ll be sharing some photos from the everyday. Just random ones that I like :)

 cousins in grandma’s pool /

 al fresco dinner with good friends /

 abandoned chinese takeout in the alley /

 starting the week off correctly on a sunday night /

 monday night bible study /

 i’ve known these sweet sisters since caroline (blue shirt) was in a high chair. we got to catch up over coffee before olivia (brown shirt) headed back to the east coast for school /

 cooking dinner with friends over an open flame happens to be super fun /

 um… we were looking at a pig /

 #foundtype on a saturday morning walk /

 i got a serious craving for the best lemonade /


P.S. Do you have a blog? Show me your everyday! Leave a comment with a link to your post :)


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