the coast | pacifica to carmel

 Last month my Grammy and I sort of repeated the little day trip we took in April, with a few changes.

My brother came along (a welcome addition).
We lunched on fish and chips at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company (thanks for the recommendation Natasha! :)).
We had ice cream at Marianne’s in Santa Cruz (my Grammy has been going there since she was a young girl!).
We extended the drive to include Carmel.

We still stopped at Pigeon Point though, and took plenty of lighthouse photos, because it’s all so picturesque. The day was extraordinary and we had a lovely time together. Today I’m sharing the photos from my iPhone and details, but I’ll follow this post up soon with the photos from my real camera :)

    First stop: Devil’s Slide in Pacifica.

 Second stop: Half Moon Bay Brewing Company in HMB.

      Third stop: Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero.

 Fourth stop: Santa Cruz. We did Santa Cruz kind of fast, and I didn’t even take a picture of my ice cream :( But! I did ask Grammy to turn the car around so I could get out and photograph this car. I feel that it made up for my lack of photos of other things.

   Fifth stop (which was more of a drive-through): Pacific Grove. This place is practically perfect in every way. How would you like to have that view out your front window?

    Sixth and final stop: Carmel-by-the-Sea.

And before I close, I must give a public service announcement. One of the best parts of Carmel, in my opinion, is the houses. I want to take a photo of every single one, but I always refrain for fear that I will be arrested on suspicion of… well, I don’t really know! But anyways, the point is that you would be missing out on a great part of Carmel if you visited and didn’t take a nice lengthy stroll down a handful of residential streets.



6 thoughts on “the coast | pacifica to carmel

  1. Side note: I stayed at the lighthouse you took a picture of in HMB! It’s the Montera Lighthouse and there’s a youth hostel on site. My Dad wanted us to experience living in a hostel for a few days. It’s definitely a gorgeous site :)


  2. I missed the hmb brewing co shoutout, hope you enjoyed it! Also Marianne’s is so great. Here in berkeley Pacific cookie company uses it for their ice cream sandwiches, which makes them better then cream in my opinion! I’ve probably mentioned that a million times before haha


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