friday favorites 10.17

 Since I got back a couple of weeks ago, time has flown by at the craziest speed. I feel like I’m trying to compile a friday favorites list every other day!

I do hope you guys have had a marvelous week. Mine has been pretty great! I’ve been able to work a little, blog a little, and cook a little. The Giants won last night and are headed to the World Series. The 7-day countdown to me going home again began two days ago… lots of great stuff, if you ask me! What has your week held?

< < < < < > > > > >

The perfectly imperfect hostess. I love this so much.

I read this article and decided I’d like to work at Clif Bar. And then I went to Target and restocked on my favorite. P.S. I once emailed them and told them how much I loved them and they sent me three stickers in the mail.

Good tips for food photography!

This always makes me laugh, and I rediscovered it this week… sorry if it’s been shared here before!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write code, this site might help you, and its free! I’m 25 exercises in, and so far it’s been really graspable (< that's an actual word! I was totally prepared to make it up!).

The “refurbished firehouse” from Princess Diaries is for sale. Not that anyone reading this can afford it or anything, but it’s still kind of fun to know.

I guess it doesn’t matter to them that they’ve know each other since they were like 8 years old, they’ve won a million championships together, and probably the whole world wishes they were engaged to each other. Whatever. They’re still amazing.


P.S. Stay tuned for an easy DIY coming soon!!

7 thoughts on “friday favorites 10.17

  1. Several things: 1, include me in the whole world who wants them to get married they’re adorable 2, I actually screamed when we got into the world series again and 3, happy it’s Friday but crazy the weeks are flying by so quickly. How is that???? Enjoy the weekend!!


  2. I LOVE Meryl Davis and Charlie White!!!! Too bad Charlie has a girlfriend. I honestly don’t know what he’s thinking! 😳

    Hold it…wait. You’re coming back to Cali in 5 days???


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