greeting card diy (+ my first ever .gif!)

greeting card diy | et ceteraI love to do things with my hands other than type and click. In the kitchen, I love to crack eggs, whisk brownie batter, knead bread, etc. When it comes to crafting, I love to cut paper, use rubber stamps, and tape things together.

It would be great to be able to buy fun supplies all of the time and have a well stocked arsenal, but that just can’t happen. I do my best to make do with what I have on hand- some blank kraft paper cards + envelopes, a pack of construction paper from Target, a few rolls of washi tape, some stamps, plenty of Sharpies… things like that.

So, as long as you have a few pieces of construction paper, a pair of scissors, and a roll of tape (or glue), you can make this card!

[Before we get started, I just have to tell you that I jumped into the world of .gifs this week. I hope you like them as much as I do! I made them for you :)]


One blank card* (I like the kraft paper kind)
Three sheets of construction paper
Double-sided tape or glue
Regular tape

*If you don’t happen to have a blank kraft paper card available, you can totally make your own card out of a separate piece of construction paper!


greeting card diy | et cetera01 | Cut one strip of each color of paper and set aside the leftover for another time. The strips should be around 2.5- to 3-inches wide.

gif_0102 | Lay the closed card in front of you as if you were going to write in it. Arrange the strips of paper over the surface in the design shown.

greeting card diy | et cetera03 | Use the regular tape to secure the strips in their positions (make sure you tape the excess paper only!) then gently flip the whole thing over.

greeting card diy | et cetera04 | Lightly trace the outline of the card onto the back side of the strips. Set the card aside, then place double-sided tape all along the edges of the construction paper. Alternately, you could use glue if that’s your thing. IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to tape the pink strip to the yellow strip! I forgot initially, and it’s just trickier to try to do it once the card is attached. Set the card back in place over the tape and press firmly to secure. Remember you’re now working on the back side, so the card should be flipped over as well with the side that opens facing left.

greeting card diy | et cetera05 | Finally, trim the excess paper off all of the sides of card.

greeting card diy | et ceteraYou now have yourself a super cool handmade greeting card…

greeting card diy | et cetera…mail it to someone.


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