friday favorites 10.24

 Hello, hello! It’s Friday again, and I’m quite proud to actually be writing this post today! My Wednesday was mostly spent in airports and on an airplane, traveling home. We hit the ground running with a big family dinner that night, then shopping and lunch with my aunt yesterday, a senior photo session, and college group last night! This weekend will be nuts, with wedding rehearsal and dinner tonight, and a wedding on Saturday. But it’ll be fun!!

Here are some random things I liked this week, and I hope you like them too.

< < < < > > > >

Yes yes yes.

Photographer discovery. (These are becoming weekly!)

Did I ever mention that this designer’s moodboards are my fave? I can’t get enough.

I wanted practically everything in this shop, and then this post went and reminded me of that fact.

Fascinating and freaky. People… if you’re going to eat sugar at all, make sure it’s real. And don’t get me started on chemicals & our food.

Find your state!

Interior love.


P.S. My ambitious self has high hopes of posting again today… with photos of pomegranates. So yeah, be on the lookout for that :)

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