saturdays are grand.

 The solution to the problem of having too many photos to Instagram in one day without annoying everyone? Dump all of those photos into a blog post!

IMG_19001   Micah and I started our morning with a bike ride to the farmers’ market. We bought squash, carrots, mushrooms, persimmons, strawberries, bread, green beans, purple green beans (?), bread, and Blue Bottle coffee for sipping.

 Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset  From there, we rode down to the marina and all the way to the end of the pier to enjoy the views and the ocean air. (And also to drink more coffee and eat more bread.)

 Back at the house, Micah made an omelet to share and I cut a few strawberries and took photos of the pretty fruits and vegetables. After lunch, we went on campus for a couple of hours to work in a sunny spot.

 From there, we walked to Berkeley Bowl to pick up more groceries. The second we got back, we put together two salads at lightning speed, incorporating some of our farmers’ market goodies, like persimmons and strawberries. Then we packed them up and set off for a sunset picnic.

 We walked/cycled about 12 miles today, and I now feel the need for sleep. Yay for an extra hour tonight!!

Happy first day of November.


3 thoughts on “saturdays are grand.

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