sunday in the city

 dolores park | maci brittSundays in the city are one of my most favorite things ever. You probably know this if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, and you certainly know this if we know each other in person. Sundays + SF… I love it. Add to that equation sunshine, a best friend, and a whole day to do whatever we want? PERFECTNESS.

16th & mission bart | maci brittWe woke up (always a great way to start the day), we ate breakfast, and we purchased aquarium tickets online. The sun was shining and the sky was clear as we set off for the BART station downtown. About a half hour later, we popped up in the Mission and walked in the direction of church.

the mission, sf | maci brittmicah in the mission | maci brittsfOn our walk, we made a point to pass one of my favorite garage doors in the city and stop for some photos.

reality sf | maci brittChurch was wonderful, as always. (Equally wonderful is the fact that church is on Church Street. I mean…) We met some lovely people and Dave talked about community and the importance of being part of the family of God. A guy named Brady Toops from Tennessee led worship and I love his song “Lord Have Mercy” very much. It was a super sweet time.

dolores park | maci brittAfter church we grabbed sandwiches from Bi-Rite- Pulled Heritage Pork for me and The Vegan Hippie for Micah- and took them to Dolores Park where we picnicked with a lovely view.

ice cream | maci brittThen, of course, ice cream. Coffee Toffee and Brown Sugar Ginger Caramel Swirl for both of us, inadvertently.

downtown sf | maci brittHeading for the aquarium, we took BART to the Embarcadero and walked all the way down to Pier 39. At the top of the stairs, we were greeted with closed doors and a printed sign apologizing for any inconvenience their early closure that day caused.

san francisco | maci brittmicah | maci brittmicah in sf | maci brittbread on the beach | maci brittSo instead of a productive afternoon of learning (going to the aquarium would’ve earned Micah credit in her oceans class), we ate bread, sat on the beach, got chocolate samples at Ghirardelli, and walked a different path back to Market during the golden hour. It may not have been “productive,” but it was enjoyable!

downtown sf | maci brittcolumbus ave, sf | maci britttransamerica pyramid | maci britttransamerica pyramid | maci brittblurry sf sunset from bart | maci brittThe whole day could not have been any better, topped off with a beautiful sunset over SF. Also, I’m sorry to say that’s not a #bluronpurpose photo, but have you ever tried taking a sunset photo from BART with an iPhone?


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