berkeley snapshots no. 03

 Tuesday was a wonderful day from beginning to [late] end. I spent a good portion of the late morning in Elmwood, slow lunching and browsing some of my favorite little shops. In the afternoon, I walked around campus. Micah and I made dinner together in the evening, and when Taylor got out of her final class, the three of us headed into the city for a concert.

Here are some snaps and highlights…

 Highlight 01 | Breakfast and The Daily Cal.

 Highlight 02 | Slow solo al fresco lunch at Elmwood. After lunch, I went inside and had a basil soda and a financier.

       Highlight 03 | Further campus explorations.

  Highlight 04 | A venture into the city with Micah and Taylor for a concert! David Crowder was great, and it was my first time ever seeing him in concert, but honestly, All Sons & Daughters was my favorite part. I’d pay to see them again in a heartbeat. Also, the Regency Ballroom is really cool.

  Highlight 05 | A late night walk through the city. When the concert ended after 10pm, we stepped out onto Van Ness and started walking towards Muni. The only problem was that none of us had exact change, and all of the non-sketch places to break a bill were already closed. So we ended up walking all the way to the Montgomery station. Thankfully BART isn’t super crowded at that time of night; I don’t think I could’ve lasted on my feet for another 30 minutes! :)

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Day one. Day two. Day three. Day four.


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